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June is Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month aims to raise awareness about preventable health issues and promote early detection and treatment of diseases in men and boys. Did you know that, on average, men die nearly five years earlier than women? One contributing factor is that men are often more hesitant to visit the doctor, according to menshealthmonth.org. Many […]

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Get It Done Faster

Everyone is always on the go and looking for the fastest way to accomplish something. Most of us have that desirable goal to lose that extra stubborn belly fat, but then come up with a list of reasons as to why we can’t do it. There’s the “I have no spare time.”; “It gets boring […]

The 7 Habits Bad for Your Joints. Pictograph of joint in the body

The 7 Habits Bad for Your Joints

Your daily habits, from what you eat to how often you text, can significantly impact the health of your joints. Over decades of use, anything you do repeatedly is likely to cause wear and tear. This is especially true for the protective cushion between your bones known as cartilage. As we age, the risk of […]

Too Little Sleep and Weight Gain. Picture of a young caucasian male appearing to be falling asleep while standing.

Too Little Sleep and Weight Gain

Psychologist Michael Breus, PhD, makes this case in his book “The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep.”  There is a well established correlation between reduced sleep hours and higher body mass index.  Breus is one of many who say the relationship between low sleep and high weight is a causal relationship.  His […]

How Much Is Too Much When Watching TV? Picture of a middle aged caucasian male sitting on the couch watching TV and eating pizza.

How Much Is Too Much When Watching TV?

Your mother probably told you this, but you thought she was just making it up. Actually, over the past 40 years, a number of studies have shown negative health effects related to watching TV for hours each day. A recent addition to this collection of studies is research published in the Journal of the American Medical […]

Understanding and Managing Pain After an Auto Accident. Picture of a young black male leaning against his car and on his phone, and a young black female rubbing the back of her neck after appearing to have been in a car accident.

Understanding and Managing Pain After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents are traumatic events that can result in a range of injuries, including pain and discomfort that may persist long after the initial incident. Whether it’s whiplash, muscle strains, or more severe injuries, the physical and emotional toll of pain following an auto accident can be significant. Understanding Post-Accident Pain: Whiplash: Whiplash is one […]

It Happens to All of Us! Picture of an older caucasian male and a young caucasian male lifting light barbell weights.

It Happens to All of Us!

As we get older, we start to realize we’re not as strong as we used to be … or as flexible. And we admit that we don’t have as much pep as we used to have, either. And we wonder: What’s the best yet safest way I can get back in shape — and improve […]

Causes and Potential Treatment for Knee Pain. Picture of 3 young caucasian males and 3 young caucasian females running together.

Causes and Potential Treatment for Knee Pain

Patellofemoral syndrome is a common source of knee pain. In fact, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, patellofemoral syndrome is the most common cause of knee pain. It’s usually known as runner’s knee or jumper’s knee. This is because it’s often seen in athletes, but it can happen to anyone. The telltale sign […]

Is Your Desk Job Killing You? Understanding the Health Risks of Sedentary Work. Picture of 3 females caucasian, black and asian and 3 caucasian males working at desks.

Is Your Desk Job Killing You? Understanding the Health Risks of Sedentary Work

In an era dominated by desk jobs and prolonged sitting, concerns about the impact of sedentary work on health have become increasingly prevalent. While office work offers numerous benefits, such as stability and intellectual stimulation, prolonged periods of sitting have been linked to a myriad of health risks. More and more studies are popping up […]

Preventing Gardening Injuries. Picture of an older caucasian female working in her flower garden.

Preventing Gardening Injuries

It’s time to bring out the green thumb because gardening season is upon us. Many enjoy gardening and its numerous health benefits. However, it is important to be mindful of the stress and strain activities such as digging, planting, weeding, and raking can cause. The back, knees, neck, and shoulders can be especially vulnerable to […]