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Knee Stretches for Arthritis Pain. Picture of an older caucasian female lying down while a young caucasian female physical therapist works on stretches on the leg.

Knee Stretches for Arthritis Pain

One part of most arthritis treatment programs is gentle stretching. This stretching helps warm up and strengthen muscles around the affected area. For the knees, there are four target muscle groups; hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, and calf muscles. Each area has a variety of potential stretches. Below we’ll give an example for the first two […]

Grip Strength Is Important. Picture of a caucasian hand squeezing a piece of exercise equipment to strengthen the hands.

Grip Strength Is Important  

When it comes to areas of improvement for strength, grip strength isn’t commonly talked about. Any activity involving our hands has us using grip strength. Here are some areas that grip strength helps us with. Grip strength, a measure of body function, has been suggested as a biomarker of aging.1 Biomarkers are medical signs at […]

Laughter is Good Exercise. Picture of an older black male and female laughing.

Laughter is Good Exercise

Do you remember the last time you had a really good laugh? Both the mind and body can benefit from a good laugh. Children laugh so often each day, but adults tend to take life more seriously and laugh more infrequently. Here are just some of the examples showing the benefits of laughter. In addition […]

Conditions Treated by Physical Therapy. Picture of a young black male being helped with exercises, by a young caucasian female physical therapist.

Conditions Treated by Physical Therapy

While most people have an idea of what physical therapy is, many may not realize the wide variety of conditions physical therapists can treat. Physical therapy is commonly associated with rehabilitating injuries and aiding recovery after surgery. While that is a big part of what the profession handles, there is much more to physical therapy […]