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Gardening for Health. Picture of an elderly male and female working in their garden.

Gardening for Health

Anybody who’s ever weeded a row of turnips, planted petunias, or mowed a thriving lawn knows that gardening can be hard work. That hard work pays off in more ways than having the best roses on the block or a tasty salad. Gardening in its various forms has a multitude of benefits: Increase hand strength, […]

Do I Have a Rotator Cuff Tear? Do I Need Surgery? Picture of a young caucasian male having his shoulder checked.

Do I Have a Rotator Cuff Tear? Do I Need Surgery?

The shoulder can move in all sorts of ways. Unfortunately, this sets the shoulder up for tears and injuries. Did you know, roughly one in four people age 60+ have tears in their rotator cuffs?1 People of all ages can tear the rotator cuff, but most tears are non-painful. However, some tears can be debilitating. […]

Is Sitting Too Much Bad for Your Brain? Picture of an elderly black male, an elderly caucasian female, and an elderly caucasian male all walking while on treadmills.

Is Sitting Too Much Bad for Your Brain?

According to research at UCLA, changes in a section of the brain that is critical for memory are associated with sitting too much.[1] The study involved people ages 45 to 75. An MRI of each person provided a look at the region of the brain involved with the formation of new memories. The study did […]

Healthier Hands. Picture of a Caucasian male's hand holding a hand exercising devide.

Healthier Hands

As people get older, it is possible to notice more pain or stiffness in the hands and wrist. This does not necessarily mean to stop doing things needing or enjoyable to do. Now, there are more options available to help ease joint pain, strengthen hands, and continue doing things that before were taken for granted. […]