Five Common Workout Mistakes

Exercise has numerous health benefits. It can help keep weight in a healthy range, it can help strengthen muscles, and it can even help with mental health. However, many people commit common mistakes that can limit the benefits of exercise or even cause harm. We’ll outline some of these mistakes below.

  • No variety in exercise: Working out the same areas all the time is not good for overall health. It can lead to muscle imbalances that increase risk of injury. Keeping the same routine all the time also decreases the effectiveness of exercise.
  • Not warming up: Going straight into a hard workout can leave oneself at risk of injury.
  • Not feeding muscles after a workout: It’s recommended that eating a nutritious meal after a workout can help muscles heal and grow faster. Consuming protein is especially important. The time window for maximum effectiveness is within an hour after a workout.
  • Using improper form: Exercises done improperly can lead to injury.
  • Not resting enough: It’s important to get enough rest in between workout sessions. Over-training can lead to injury, fatigue, and insomnia. It also makes exercise less enjoyable.

These mistakes are common ones to make. If you’ve found yourself doing some of these, try changing it up and see what benefits happen.

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